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Continuous technological innovations and developments have brought about increased usage of gadgets in today’s Arts. In line with the ongoing trend Trillion in collaboration with EtchBricks & Robox and introduces the STEAM based Crafts and Bots workshop & Robox Team work shop for little innovators on weekends.

EtchBricks Crafts and Bots Workshop are all about rightful blending of Craft work and Robotics for kids age 5 to 9. The program is designed and modeled to encourage out of box thinking and develop gadgets/models. Guidance to build simple projects will stimulate the innovative acumen of children resulting in amazing creations.

Advantages of EtchBricks workshop for kids:

  • Students will be taught how the basic gadgets around them work.
  • Students will be encouraged to think on their own, discuss and build projects, which will put their creative thinking, group activity and problem solving skills to use.
  • Students will gain confidence that they can build interesting projects using things around them.
  • This exposure will help them think differently and make contribution to various national level science fairs along with students from various other schools.
  • Students will improving creativity by using craft and art work
  • Using everyday things to build projects and applications.
  • Implementing creative thinking at a very tender age.

Advantages of EtchBricks workshop for parents:

  • Keep kids engaged with creative tasks
  • Less time spent with TV and YouTube videos if parent purchases kit.
  • Helps you in identifying students strengths in different fields.
  • Motivates students to acquire research mindset.

Robox Team workshop is a powerful tool to generate interest towards STEM subjects amoung students of age 10 pluse. STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

Advantages of Robox Workshop for Kids:

  • Strengthens research and problem-solving skills
  • Help Students to develop Science & Math Intuition.
  • Introducing them to current advances in technology.
  • Analytical & logical skills through Programming.
  • Creativity & Innovative blend of thinking through Building Mechanisms.

Advantages of Robox Workshop for parents:

  • Engages students of grade (IV -X) with school subjects With lot more fun.
  • Helps the students to identify their interests & strengths
  • Inspires the student to effectively utilize free time.
  • Motivates students to acquire research mindset.

Workshop Format for the Students:

Students will be learning robotics concepts from scratch and will be having the below said advantages:

From the Scratch - Students will start from the scratch & learn the advanced concepts of robotics as they work on ROBOX.

Practical & Hands on Learning - Student can use ROBOX and learn various academics concepts they learn in school through practical project and activity based learning.

Master Programming Skills - Student will gradually master the programming skills through practical & hands on activities

Working in Teams - The activities are designed in such a way that 3–4 students can work in groups and learn how to brainstorm, communicate & build their capabilities working in teams.

Communication Skills – Students will learn a great deal of communicating the ideas, putting them on paper and presenting in a way to successfully execute the projects

Leadership & organizational Skills – Robotics as a subject requires students to plan, organize a strategy to execute the project in a successful way. The journey eventually elevates the organizational & leadership skills of each student.

Building Advanced Robots - During the training Program, Students will make robots & automated mechanisms which inspired by various real life problems.

Participate in National Competitions – Students working on ROBOX can build various robotics projects and also can participate in competitions at state & national level.



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